EVIKE Group Buys

We do Group buys from Evike.com once a month
Orders are placed at the end of each month

On these orders we do not add anything to the Evike price as listed.

ETA - usually around 2-3 weeks
SHIPPING VIA AIR - Freight Forwarder

How it works:
EMAIL me the following:

Subject: EVIKE GroupBuy
1: LINK and QTY of items desired
2: Contact Number
3: Email address
4: Physical Address (for shipping quote)

I will reply with a Amount which includes:
Item cost $
Shipping to SA $
Provisional amount for Duties and taxes R

YOU can accept and do Payment

Once all funds received we will order.

When Items Arrive in SA we will get Invoice from Customs and If the amount exceeds our provisional calculation or Duties and taxes YOU will be liable for your share of these costs.
If shipping is required from CERBERUS to Buyer this will also be quoted at this time.

Goods will only become available for shipping/collection once all costs have been settled.

I've had issues getting some guns from Evike, so sometimes only after paying and ordering they inform me that item is able to be shipped to SA
in which case I get a refund and will refund you in turn if your order is affected. There is no way of knowing before hand what ships and not, so please bear with me.

But the more I deal with them the less this seems to be an issue.
Also of late they want $35 Disassembly fee on certain rifles. We only know what items needs disassembly after placing order and just before shipping. - This also delays the shipment with another 2-3 days. - BUT this should not happen with UPS, but keep it in mind...

We will update the Thread title with the following headers:

NOW OPEN - Orders are open and you can request quotes
ORDERS CLOSED - Orders Closed, no more quotes or orders can be added to this order
ORDERED - Ordered and paid with EVIKE (this can take up to 10-12 days)
SHIPPED - Packages have left USA and are inbound into SA
CUSTOMS CLEARANCE - Package arrived in SA and needs SARS/COURIER/SAPS Clearance to be done (2-8 days sometimes)
RECEIVED - Packages are at CERBERUS HQ and we will communicate with all parties involved.
CLOSED - All done and we move on to the Next one

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