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Helikon Tex SAS Smock - Duracanvas - Taiga Green

Helikon Tex SAS Smock - Duracanvas - Taiga Green - X-Small
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Weight [g] 1000
Material Main: 65% Polyester, 33% Cotton, 2% Elastane, Mesh: 100% Polyester
Grammage [g/m2] 230
Washing principles zasady_prania_30C.pngzasady_prania_nie_odplamiac.pngzasady_prania_nie_suszyc_w_suszarce.pngzasady_prania_nie_czyscic_chemicznie.pngzasady_prania_prasowac_w_niskiej_temp.png

Tradition and functionality: new edition

The military smock jacket returns in an improved version. We preserved classic elements but enriched them, so the vintage style goes hand in hand with functionality. The SAS Smock is fully zipped and fills the gap between two anoraks in the Helikon-Tex offer: the heavier and more advanced Anorak Pilgrim Jacket, and the lighter Anorak Woodsman Jacket. The whole smock is made of Duracanvas material suitable for waxing and increases protection against light rain and snow.

Light and universal

The SAS Smock Jacket is versatile because of the simple cut and the possibility of adjustment in several places. The light hood is adjustable in two planes. This solution allows the hood to be precisely adjusted to the head depending on the weather conditions, hat, etc. Thanks to two welts - one at the waist, the other at the bottom edge - you can freely adjust the degree of adherence of the jacket to the body. So you can increase or decrease the ventilation under the jacket according to your needs. An additional convenience is the vents placed under the armpits. Combined with lightweight construction, they made a jacket for any weather from summer to winter.

Lots of pockets and comfort

Despite its military roots, the SAS Smock works great as a bushcraft jacket. This is mostly because of the simple but well-thought-out cut and capacity. Our smock jacket has eight pockets. On the outside, four classic, square pockets fastened with Canadian buttons. It is a tribute to the iconic British uniform jackets and their functionality. A pocket with a button sewn on the tape is easier to open, and the risk of the button falling off is minimal. Under the upper pockets, there are two more, fastened with zippers on the side. They are best for carrying flat items. Under the lower pockets, identical solutions allow you to hide and warm your hands. In each breast pocket, there is a special loop for attaching equipment, which protects it from loss. Bushcraft gloves can be attached to the paracord loops on both sides of the jacket.

Military jacket - from the battlefield to bushcraft

The inspiration for the SAS Smock Jacket was military clothing worn by SAS (Special Air Service) units and others. Since World War II, many models valued it for their loose, comfortable cut, many pockets, and light material that protected against weather conditions. Since the 1940s until today, smock jackets are popular in many countries and appreciated for their versatility.


durable Duracanvas material with the possibility of waxing Canadian buttons tapes in the upper pockets paracord loops 8 pockets
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Helikon Tex SAS Smock - Duracanvas - Taiga Green

Helikon Tex SAS Smock - Duracanvas - Taiga Green

Helikon Tex SAS Smock - Duracanvas - Taiga Green - X-Small
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