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December 2, 2023  To  December 2, 2023

Campingaz Lumogaz Plus Lantern

Campingaz Lumogaz Plus Lantern
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From 15 - 30 Nov 2023


Introducing the Campingaz Lumogaz Plus lantern – an incredibly reliable valve cartridge gas lantern. Perfect for off grid camping.

The Campingaz Lumogaz Plus lantern’s simple design features the Easy-Clic Plus connection creating an effortless and secure connection between the gas cartridge and lantern for ease of use.  This gas lamp uses Campingaz CV cartridges for extra portability and safety – the cartridge can be easily and safely detatched from the lantern when they are not empty thanks to the integrated valve.

The gas lantern features a globe protection guard to increase resilience against knocks and an integrated handle for ease of carrying and hanging.

Remember to get the CV300 Plus or CV470 Plus cartridge for this product

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Campingaz Lumogaz Plus Lantern

Campingaz Lumogaz Plus Lantern

Campingaz Lumogaz Plus Lantern
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