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Cyalume SnapLight 6" Red Safety Light Stick - 12 Hr Duration

Cyalume SnapLight 6" Red Safety Light Stick - 12 Hr Duration
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From 15 December - 10 Jan 2024


The 6” SnapLight (15cm) lightstick, the alternative to traditional lighting

Snaplight 15cm lightsticks are totally phthalate free. They are activated by simply snapping and shaking, producing reliable light, exactly what is needed for any emergency. The light from SnapLight lightsticks offers high performance light through 360°. It is:

  • waterproof,
  • buoyant,
  • visible up to one nautical mile away (approx. 1.6 km).

Cyalume’s SnapLight does not generate heat, flames, gas or sparks and is non-flammable and non-toxic. Being totally standalone and maintenance-free, the lightstick is always ready to use. It is a reliable source of light which operates without any need for batteries or rechargeable cells.

The SnapLight can be used for lighting, marking or showing the way. It is easy to use and ensures your safety in any situation

A wide variety of uses for the 15 cm lightstick as a source of lighting and marking

The Cyalume SnapLight 15cm lightstick, also known as a light tube, a light wand, or a glow stick, is used for lighting and marking in a wide variety of situations when electrical light is unavailable. Cyalume light sticks are used in the industrial world and by professionals to ensure safety on public transport, but also by everybody during their daily activities.


The lightstick can be used for making safe, lighting, marking or identifying in the form of lightsticks or light patches during outdoor or sporting activities or as emergency lighting for a vehicle, or at home in the event of a power cut.


Here is an inexhaustive list of typical uses of the lightstick:

  • Emergency lighting in the event of a power cut
  • Emergency lighting for safety kits (medical, driving, leisure etc.) or in rescue kits
  • Efficient and safe replacement for candles and flashlights
  • Signaling of emergency ways and exits, road marking
  • Hazard signaling
  • Distress markers and signals
  • Hazard identification in risky areas of a route
  • Marking by color codes (levels of danger, triage etc.)
  • Maintenance work in confined areas
  • Immediate lighting of scenes of accident
  • Lighting in underwater environments

For more information about the applications of the SnapLight 15cm lightsticks, see our pages dedicated to uses by activity sector:

  • chemiluminescent lighting in industry
  • lightsticks used for traffic safety
  • emergency lighting for railway applications
  • lightsticks for shipping, cargo and cruise vessels
  • Cyalume lightsticks for applications related to air travel
  • Independent lighting for places open to the public:
    • hotel emergency lighting
    • independent school lighting solutions
    • standalone lighting for retirement homes
    • lightsticks in the hospital world
    • lightsticks for the safety of public events
  • lightsticks for events and special communication operations
  • emergency lightsticks for safety and home

See also outdoor or open air activities where Cyalume products are used to identify, mark or illuminate:

  • water sports
  • diving
  • sailing
  • fishing
  • camping
  • running
  • hiking
  • biking, mountain biking
  • hunting
  • airsoft
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Cyalume SnapLight 6" Red Safety Light Stick - 12 Hr Duration

Cyalume SnapLight 6" Red Safety Light Stick - 12 Hr Duration

Cyalume SnapLight 6" Red Safety Light Stick - 12 Hr Duration
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