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Helikon Tex SWAGMAN ROLL Poncho - Adaptive Green

Helikon Tex SWAGMAN ROLL Poncho - Adaptive Green
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From 15 December - 10 Jan 2024



EAN 5902688043438
Weight [g] 782
Dimensions 145 x 200 cm / 57 x 78.7 in
Material 100% Nylon
Grammage [g/m2] 67
US PATENT No D887,461 S
PART EUROPEAN PATENT No 003792290-0001
Washing principles zasady_prania_prac_recznie.pngzasady_prania_nie_czyscic_chemicznie.pngzasady_prania_nie_odplamiac.pngzasady_prania_nie_prasowac.png

Once upon a time, the trappers, the trekkers and even the soldiers did not carry sleeping bags. They carried blanket rolls. Up until very recently, wool was the best blanket material. Then, still several decades ago, Nylon fabrics came into being. During the Vietnam War, there appeared a new blanket & the Poncho Liner. Ultra lightweight blanket doubling as warming liner for rain-protection poncho. In Australian slang 'swagman' means a travelling workman. Something like American cowboy or a trapper, occasionally on a lookout for a work on the Frontier. The difference was, the Australian swagman was traveling on foot, and carried all his belongings in a bed roll. With our Swagman Roll® we salute these intrepid men, trembling on chilly mornings in their moist blankets & but with our Swagman Roll® you'll never have to emulate that particular part of their lifestyle. It is made of thin Nylon fabric, filled with one of the best insulating materials mankind ever dreamed of & the Climashield® Apex™. Swagman Roll® is not your ordinary blanket. It is more of a multifunction tool, applicable wherever a warm cover is required. You can use it a poncho liner, emergency sleeping bag, enhance your regular sleeping bag with it, wrap in it as if it was a blanket, line your hammock with it & or just wear as a stand-alone long, warm coat.


Padded hood Ideal for BOB backpack YKK® zippers Designed in cooperation with Survivaltech.pl Integral transport pocket Zippered front pocket USGI poncho compatible Can be used as: emergency jacket, sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner, blanket, hammock liner (quilt) etc. Lightweight, nonsoaking, easy in transport
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Helikon Tex SWAGMAN ROLL Poncho - Adaptive Green

Helikon Tex SWAGMAN ROLL Poncho - Adaptive Green

Helikon Tex SWAGMAN ROLL Poncho - Adaptive Green
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